Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Captain Marvel paper airplanes from 1945

More in the ongoing series on paper-based manipulative and projects.

I came across these online and I have no idea how well they actually fly, but given that we're talking about paper airplanes in the shape of cartoon characters, they should be a fairly easy sell.

Here are some thoughts on how to build a lesson plan around these toys. (I'd use the heaviest paper your photocopier can handle).

Since these actually WWII era toys, there's an obvious opportunity for teaching across the curriculum.

Try a basic statistics exercise by doing multiple tests of all three, recording distance and glide time and plotting the results.

Have kids come up with their own designs along the basic lines of these planes but with different themes and characters.

Tie this in with other paper airplanes and models.

From Just a Pile of Old Comics

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